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Real Friendship!

I have to post a little something about friendship, as it is something that has been on my mind a lot this month so far. What is friendship to me and how do I judge who are truly friends and who are merely acquaintances. Seeing as this is a self-discovery blog and I am the… Read More

Bully for you!!!

Sometimes I worry about people and the fact that we don’t fight this trend harder. There is so many forms of bullying and a lot of them are socially acceptable because society tells us it is. I was watching a “Roast” on TV and I actually felt sick. There was a group of comedians making… Read More


Dear Debbie, I figure we need to chat. You know, all this getting to know you stuff is difficult, if we don’t communicate. Now, you do understand that we have been a little estranged, but I would like to remedy that problem. In the past couple of months I have tried to get to know… Read More

Haters gonna Hate

After the twentieth Facebook post where I wanted to comment, but didn’t, for fear that it would offend, I had an AHA moment. So what if I offend. I have lived a shadow life for so long that I am not even sure who I am. Actually, I have no idea who I really am.… Read More

The Art of being Alone!

Have you ever just allowed yourself to be alone? Gloriously, independently alone? I am a people pleaser who always tries to fill conversation gaps, help everyone feel comfortable, listen when they complain. Commiserate when they are sad and party hard when they are happy. However, this need can leave me seriously depleted of energy and… Read More

I am a Shadowperson!!!!

Just like a shadow, I have no being of my own, I am a reflexion of the body, a hollow, essence less thing, without substance that disappears when the light shines directly on me. As a shadow, I am nothing without that which I am shadowing. I cannot get away from it and I have… Read More