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Dear Debbie,

I figure we need to chat. You know, all this getting to know you stuff is difficult, if we don’t communicate. Now, you do understand that we have been a little estranged, but I would like to remedy that problem. In the past couple of months I have tried to get to know you better, but you aren’t making it very easy on me. So here goes. I am going to give you my honest straightforward opinion of you.

I like you. I know, I know! I haven’t really shown it much, but I do. I want to learn to love you, really love you, but we have really just met. Even though we have known each other all our lives. I still don’t even know, who you really are. This letter is the first step in remedying that.

I know I have abused you. Years of Bulimia and other awful things, have taken their toll and I want to apologize. But even now, you are healthy, strong and ready to take whatever I throw at you. I am so sorry, you deserve better. I will try and do better in looking after you.

You are a survivor. The crap you have gone through and are still going through, would have broken many others and I want to tell you that I am proud of you. I know saying that is a bit empty, given how badly I have treated you. I have lied to you, cursed you, treated you with disrespect and angered you so many times I have no right asking you to forgive me. But here I am, on my knees, begging you to give me another chance. We need each other. If we want to make a better life for ourselves, we are going to need to be a team.

As a peace offering, I want to tell you some of the things I really like about you:

  • You have a beautiful smile, it hits your eyes and lights up your face.
  • You have lovely hair, naturally curly and strong even though I throw dye on it often.
  • You are loyal, you will do everything in your power to make life easier for those you love.
  • You love passionately. It has hurt you badly in the past, but that has never stopped you.
  • You are intelligent. Yes a good mind is awesome to have.
  • You are an Empath. I know that makes you vulnerable, but it is still a good thing.
  • You are a great mother. You make mistakes like all mothers, but you try every day.
  • You are a decent cook. People normally love anything you make.
  • You are tenacious. Always a good attribute to have.
  • You have good intentions. Yes sometimes they get you into deep trouble, but you care.

I am sure there are more and when I get to know you better, I promise I will tell you. You are a good person and I am lucky to have this opportunity to get to know you better.

I promise to give you affection, care and just as much compassion as I give all my other friends and family. I will not only treat you the same, but I will try and treat you like you deserve to be treated.

Thank you for listening and I look forward to developing our new friendship into more. I hope that one day we can fall in love and be besties for real.





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5 Responses

  1. Gcin-Gcin says

    This is very good Debs and I am happy for “both” of you. Keep the love.

    • Debbie says


  2. Athena says

    You hooked me in the first 10 seconds. I couldn’t “not” read till the end. I love love love it. ❤️ well done, fellow empath. xoxo

    • Debbie says

      Thank you so much! Huggles and love sent your way!

  3. Bruce Prins says