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Haters gonna Hate

After the twentieth Facebook post where I wanted to comment, but didn’t, for fear that it would offend, I had an AHA moment.

So what if I offend. I have lived a shadow life for so long that I am not even sure who I am. Actually, I have no idea who I really am. That scares me, so I have to rectify it immediately. I will comment honestly and say exactly what I need to say, or feel I need to say. That way I will start finding my truth again.

I realise that I will upset some people, maybe piss a couple of people off. I might even be unfriended by a few.

The reason for this revelation is simple. If I am going to be hated, I want ME to be hated, not a silly watered down version of the expected Debbie. ME, my heart and my soul needs to cause that offence. Cause if they hate me for this fake persona, they missed out on knowing the real me.

However if they see me, the real me, and they decide to hate on me, well then that is ok. Were they really my friends to begin with? Should it bug me? I think not, at least they had the honour of seeing Debbie, previously a shadow person, walking into the light!



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4 Responses

  1. Carol Kunz says

    You HAVE TO BE YOU!!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

    • Debbie says

      Love ya sweet friendy!

  2. Joslyn Leonard says

    amen sister!

    • Debbie says