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Just speaking my truth!!!

Good Enough!!!

Today I had a makeover. The person who gave me my makeover, is a wonderful, caring, loving and kind person and I thank her for the wonderful spoil.


However, sadly in my crappy mind I took it another way. Just one more person telling me I am not good enough. I need to change and I am ugly. These are all things I have heard many times in my life, so it is a recurring theme. The way I feel is all on me and in me feeling rejection, I am in essence rejecting the kindness that was done for me.

But do I need to change my opinion, or should I rather focus on who I really am, realising that not only am I good enough, but perfectly ok, just the way I am. It took a half an hour to give me my new look and even though I do look very good in the pics, it isn’t who I am. I am the crazy mommy who will run out the door at the last possible moment hoping that I remembered my underwear. I suppose I should have more pride in my appearance but I don’t feel like it is a priority.

This is who I am:


Mother, cuddle buddy, author, friend, good and gentle hearted woman, but most importantly GOOD ENOUGH JUST THE WAY I AM!!!!!!!


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8 Responses

  1. Alojamiento web says

    It can be hard, in our culture, to force yourself to settle for “good enough.” But when it comes to happiness and satisfaction, “good enough” isn’t just good—it’s perfect.

  2. Tanita says

    Debbie!! You are beautiful and a wonderful mother!! I know this post was written forever ago but I came across your blog now and just going through all your post has made me remember what a kind and genuine lady you are… I miss you dearly and I know I need to make the plan to come see you again my friend xxx love you

  3. Sharon Lamb says

    You are most wonderfully good enough…You are the best!!! And I adore you…

    • Debbie says

      This is why I love you sooooo much friendy, you are awesome!

  4. Athena says

    You are beautiful, just as you are. I love reading your prose, laughing with you and sharing inside jokes. Thank you for welcoming me into your world. I love it here!

    • Debbie says

      Thank you my sooooo much! Hugs to you!

  5. XS says

    You’re gorgeous however you are – I do think sometimes though (for me) I find it hard to accept someone doing something nice for me, my head can go off on a billion tangents except the one that matters… someone loved me enough and thought enough of me to do something nice for me and only me – I really struggle with that. Thanks for your openness, its come at a good time for me to as I’m finding it hard to let people do stuff for me :) x

    • Debbie says

      So glad we are in each other’s lives me dear friendy!