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Freedom to Dream!!!

I was having my normal self-doubt moment today, when I realized something extremely important.

I am sometimes frozen with fear and indecision where new things are concerned. I rather sit back and worry, than get up and try. However, my realisation was simple, if I don’t try, how will I ever succeed or even fail for that matter.

Saying that fear is holding me back is the worst excuse ever, because fear is keeping me in the rut I have created for myself.

I also have this mistaken idea that there are certain rules to life that are just unwritten. If I want to be the writer I dream of, I can’t be a musician for example. Or if I want to be a good mommy, I can’t have a relationship.

Well I actually had the thought today that I am the one making those rules. I am the one who can rewrite those rules.

So if I have a sudden desire to be an author and a trapeze artist who also happens to play the violin there is nothing stopping me, except my own limitations, I have set for myself.

All the rules fall away. So, I am over forty and a single mother, but there is nothing stopping me from chasing any new dreams or desires I choose to pursue. If I allow myself to believe that my success only depends on my wishes and the effort I put into it, then I should also stop seeing all my limitations too.

The box I created for myself is exactly that, a box I can obliterate simply because I am the one holding the power.

All the years of listening to people tell me I can’t, made me build this box and now I choose to break free.

My only problem now, is deciding which dream to pursue first.

Watch out world here I come!!!!


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  1. Becky Shambley says

    Go get em’ girl!!

    • Debbie says