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I’ve seen many articles trying to describe depression. None of those articles really catches the crux of the issue well enough in my opinion. I’m no expert but here is mine, let’s see if it makes sense.

Imagine everyone on the planet sees the world through a fish tank with just water in it. Some have narrower tanks and have a clearer view than others. That is the difference between optimists and pessimists. Those that see the beauty of the world clearly are obviously the optimists.

Now imagine each of the crappy things that happen in life, is a cup of pitch black ink. Eventually you can’t see anything light and beautiful. You know in your heart that it is there. You know there is life and joy out there and comments from others like “Just snap out of it” frustrates you beyond belief.

Now people who don’t suffer from depression have a wonderful filter that keeps the tank clean and visibility at its maximum.

People with a temporary imbalance have a filter but it is faulty and those with chronic depression have no filter.

Medication whether needed temporarily or permanently is a new filter, ready to clean out the darkness and let in the light.

If taking medication simply equalises things, why do so many feel it is shameful to be on medication.

I had a case of Post Natal depression after my angel was born and without my “filter” I wouldn’t have made it. I carry no shame in saying I was depressed and used medication to help.

My wish is that judgement and stigmatising with regards to depression will die out completely.


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  1. Earnest Stones says

    I appreciate your site. How could I stay up to date on your new content?

    • Debbie says

      I am working on it an will let you know