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Sometimes I worry about people and the fact that we don’t fight this trend harder. There is so many forms of bullying and a lot of them are socially acceptable because society tells us it is.

I was watching a “Roast” on TV and I actually felt sick. There was a group of comedians making fun of a celebrity, with the celebrity sitting there laughing at what they were saying. The scary thing was that they weren’t just insulting the celebrity but each other too. Nasty, hurtful things that you would never say to someone you cared about, but here they were laughing and making light out of hurting each other.

Now how is that different to calling the big kid at school Fatso?

These celebrities are making it ok to belittle others and then they cry foul when a thirteen year old kills herself because of being shamed on the internet. What is the difference?

There are programmes where they sit around insulting celebrities about their outfits, but sometimes they throw in a personal comment that makes me cringe. Again I want to know what the difference is.

Yes, celebrities are in the public eye, but are they not allowed to have feelings? When a teenager gets bullied because he or she can’t afford the latest fashions, isn’t that the same thing.

We cry about children who commit suicide but encourage programming where it is ok to glorify bullying. Who is the real victims here?

Then I also want to know what drives a bully to start? As humans, we are born with hearts filled with hope, joy and love. What would make that change? Are bullies just bad, or are they so desperate to stand out that they push to get noticed?

As a person who was bullied and ridiculed as a child, I need to understand so I can put it behind me.

I have come up with an explanation that makes sense to me and helps me deal with it.

Bullies are sad, miserable individuals who are weak enough to try and find validation by belittling others. Our culture makes it ok to do so and we need to work hard at changing that. We need to learn how to live in love again. Treating everyone as we want to be treated and treasuring compassion above all else, so we can help our youth to learn the difference.



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5 Responses

  1. Athena says

    Well written and poignant, Debbie. I agree with Sharon 100%. Too many lives are lost when we don’t choose to not only intervene, but to set excellent examples of kindness for our next generations. And, I am sorry to be controversial here, but the comment about bullies being bullied themselves, while it may be true…it does not dismiss bullying behaviors that too often lead to suicide. We live in a time when we can seek, find, and implement the resources we need to be all we choose to be as fellow members of the human race, regardless of our upbringing. I love you Debbie and I love your new blog. Well done. xoxox

    • Debbie says

      Hi there Athena, I have to wholeheartedly agree with you on that and THANK YOU so much for reading my blog!

  2. Sharon Lamb says

    Thank you, Debbi, for shining a light in a dark place.
    We, often, yes we as parent’s, excuse our children’s bullying as a part of their “natural maturation”…to find their place…I say…Bullshit.
    Bullying should NEVER be tolerated even at the lowest level. I, for one, have seen the damage it can cause.

    As parent’s, older siblings, relatives…we need and are obligated to set an example of what is acceptable behavior for our youth, today…

    I fear too many will be lost if we don’t.

    • Debbie says

      As usual you impart such wisdom! Hugs

  3. Bruce Prins says

    I agree! To answer one of your questions. The bullies, you find, are or were once bullied themselves.