Debbie Prins

Just speaking my truth!!!

Blood does not a family make!!!!

Now you all know I’ve got a special needs child and you can probably imagine that it’s not an easy job to be a good mother to her. Every day is filled with challenges and difficulties that most people can’t even fathom.

Silly things like having to feed them special food to having to change your 8 year old’s nappy.

The one thing we can never get enough of is support and kindness. For people to treat our angels as human beings and not ignore them completely.

Well a couple of months ago my sweetheart was in serious condition in the hospital and only one member of my family bothered to come and visit. I didn’t get any messages or telephone calls from them either.

This worried me for a while until I realized that I’m not losing out on support and my little one isn’t losing out on family. They are missing out on getting to know the most incredible, sweet, beautiful loving soul ever created and it is their loss.

I have many friends who stood by me and held my hand. Some of them too far to do it physically, but I felt their love and support every day.

So I’ve decided I have mostly non blood family! I have adopted sisters, cousins, mothers and brothers from all over the world.

I still have a few family members that have been there for me. But compared to the amount of family I used to have they are few and far between.

I choose to love and forgive those that chose to turn away from me and embrace my new family with all the love the blood ones don’t want.


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