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Bad and Interesting times!!!!

There is an old curse that goes,”May you live in interesting times.” And boy do I feel like I have lived through a couple of those. There is nothing wrong or bad, about change, or even a couple of speed bumps in the road to slow us down and make us think. However this year has been kicking my ass so badly I think I will be permanently bruised.

My little angel baby has fought such awful battles, bravely, with a smile on her face and I have been on the health roller coaster myself, and not in a good way.

Did I benefit in any way from all of this, and I have to say YES! Absobloodylutely!!!!

I have learnt that I have incredible people in my life who are there for me when I really need it. I have learnt that patience is a skill you can learn after 40. I have learnt that tired has a sliding scale that goes wayyyyyyyyy further than I have EVER imagined! I have learnt that my child is an angel placed in my life to teach me humility, faith, love and strength.

It is truly an honor to be called her mom and even though I make MANY mistakes and can’t classify myself as a perfect mom, I know in my heart that there is no one in this world that loves her more than me.

I keep promising to post more often and I keep letting the side down. I do however promise to keep trying harder.

All I ask is that you do a kind deed for someone today and thank the Universe for your life.


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2 Responses

  1. Claire says

    Onwards and upwards my dear friend, I hope, with all my heart that this year gets so much better for you and your princess, you both deserve a break. Much love xxxxxxx

    • Debbie says

      Thank you for reading my blog friendy!!!!!