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Blood does not a family make!!!!

Now you all know I’ve got a special needs child and you can probably imagine that it’s not an easy job to be a good mother to her. Every day is filled with challenges and difficulties that most people can’t even fathom. Silly things like having to feed them special food to having to change… Read More

Bad and Interesting times!!!!

There is an old curse that goes,”May you live in interesting times.” And boy do I feel like I have lived through a couple of those. There is nothing wrong or bad, about change, or even a couple of speed bumps in the road to slow us down and make us think. However this year… Read More


I’ve seen many articles trying to describe depression. None of those articles really catches the crux of the issue well enough in my opinion. I’m no expert but here is mine, let’s see if it makes sense. Imagine everyone on the planet sees the world through a fish tank with just water in it. Some… Read More

Dark times!!!

As you can obviously seen I haven’t posted in a LONG time. Well I have no excuse except for being in a dark place for a few weeks. Seeing pictures of drowned toddlers and seeing some of my friends go through really awful times has taken a toll on my creativity. Not that that is… Read More

What is wrong with being a Slut?

I just finished reading a book where the female lead was fighting the stigma of being a slut. I couldn’t help feeling sorry for her as she lived in a small town filled with judgemental people and was only accepted when she eventually found a man who was prepared to take her on with her… Read More

The Worst Abuse!

No matter the type of abuse you have survived, there is one part that is the “kicker” as such. The thing that hurts the most. The part that stays with you the longest. Long after the last bruise is healed or the last insult is forgotten. The worst abuse is realising in the midst of… Read More

Freedom to Dream!!!

I was having my normal self-doubt moment today, when I realized something extremely important. I am sometimes frozen with fear and indecision where new things are concerned. I rather sit back and worry, than get up and try. However, my realisation was simple, if I don’t try, how will I ever succeed or even fail… Read More

I am OK!!!!

This week end, I had a screaming fight with someone who decided to tell me all the reasons I would be alone. My first reaction was to get defensive and fight back, and I did. But then I realised that most of what they said, were their own interpretation of who I was and that… Read More

Good Enough!!!


Today I had a makeover. The person who gave me my makeover, is a wonderful, caring, loving and kind person and I thank her for the wonderful spoil. However, sadly in my crappy mind I took it another way. Just one more person telling me I am not good enough. I need to change and… Read More